Does any type of RAM work with any type of MOBO

I would like to upgrade the RAM in my computer but I am not 100% sure if any type of RAM works the current RAM on my computer is just standard 4X2GB 1333MHz dual channel DDR3 and I am wanting to change it to 4X4GB sticks of Ram since I bought a prebuilt computer and I am wanting to specifically upgrade to this type of RAM I am just not sure if any type of RAM will work just any type of MOBO. I am not sure what my specific MOBO is but this is my specific computer with the i7 Processor and windows 7 x64 Bit.
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  1. The short answer is No.

    Always check the mobo user manual for a list of compatible RAM to be sure.
  2. Maximum ram speed for that Gateway would be DDR3 1333. The G.Skill is rated at DDR3 1600. Depending on how good the board is, some will just automatically down clock the ram to DDR3 1333 while others will not boot up at all.
    Best thing to do before upgrading is to update the motherboard bios so it will support newer ram.
    G.Skill also have ram rated at DDR3 1333
  3. it would work but you would be better off saving money and buying 1333mhz ram because your computer doesnt support higher
    and if your looking for gskill ram i recommend this for you
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    Read your computer specs again:

    "Up to 8 GB of dual-channel 1333 MHz DDR3 system memory, using four DIMM modules"

    You only support 2GB per slot and are already at your MAXIMUM supported memory.
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