Case cooling: Could anyone help me plan out my fans for this case please?!

I have this case, and need to plan some cooling options for it. I plan to have fans in all places possible, but just don't know how powerful they need to be in certain places across the place.

For example, I have heard that negative cooling is better for this case due to the fan facing downwards, do does this mean that I should have a higher CFM total exhausting than in-taking?

Also which fans should I buy?

In this case, there are:
2x 120mm fan mount FRONT
1x 120mm Antec TwoCool exhaust fan BACK
1x 140mm Antec TwoCool exhaust fan TOP
1x 120mm fan mount; SIDE
1x 120mm fan mount behind motherboard tray OTHER SIDE

Which fans should be put where?

Are there any fans that you could recommend to me?

I know I'm asking for a lot, however I really need help on this.

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  1. All you need for a cool system is a front intake, and a top and rear exhaust. More fans DOES NOT mean cooler.

    Negative vs. positive pressure doesn't matter like it used to. it is a non-concern.

    So if I just got these, and stuck them on the front, will this be enough given that the case already has a rear exhaust and a top exhaust?
  3. Yes, that will be plenty of cooling.
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