Sound isnt working as no playback devices can be found on my computer apart from "AMD HDMI Output"

I turned my computer on earlier to see a small red x on the audio icon. I checked my Playback devices and device manager and there were no playback devices [] (when there are normally 3 or 4) apart from AMD HDMI Output. I am fairly sure that that is not the cause of the problems as i have searched the internet all over for a solution and it does not seem linked. I do not have a sound card, it is integrated sound. I have no idea why this is happening as i havent purposefully unplugged anything from my motherboard recently but i have opened the computer due to suspected problems with my cpu.

Any help would be massively appreciated if you have any.
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  1. Probably the audio sensing isn't working. Unplug the audio jack and plug it back in.
    download the latest audio driver will help with this problem too.
  2. Bump. I too am having the same issue after opening my case. Although I touched everything. Recently did a full windows reinstall. also replaced HDD, SATA cables, Graphics Card, RAM and my PCI wireless card trying to solve a different issue. I too have AMD HDMI output but that's done with the grapics card right. Does this mean our MOBO has a bad connection somewhere or could it be Drivers?
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