Need advice for fan cooling in 600t case. GPU runs hot. Pls & thank you

Hi, my 600t is currently running 3 fans. 2 of them are the 200 mm stock(intake front, exhaust top) and the back intake is Corsair AF 120. They are all hooked up to the case's fan controller which works ok, kinda weaksauce on full.
While gaming my gpu was at 90c with case fans on full, side open and a fan placed next to it. A ghetto set up which worked for awhile in the cold basement but not anymore now that i've relocated into my room.
I am still new to the custom rigging world and wish to actually learn how to expand/take care of what i have. My cooling isn't very adequate right now so any suggestions on fan brands and placement would be super appreciated!

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How high can i set my gpu's fan? I usually have it between 50-60%. I was scared to push it higher but yesterday even all that ghettoness and on 70% it peaked at 90c.

I also have an unused Silverstone fm121. Can it be useful to replace the back intake?

Gtx 580 oc'd on factory settings
Intel i7-2600K 3.40GHz
16 gigs ram
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  1. The GTX 580 is known to get pretty hot. If you can remove the bottom hard drive cage. Also if I remember correctly you can mount a 120mm fan on the bottom of the case.
  2. thank you ill try that combination and I've already removed w/e cages i didn't need. i didn't know that about the 580, got it almost 3 years ago.

    should it be intake or exhaust though?
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    The bottom fan should be an intake. IT should blow fresh air at the GPU. Front fan should also be an intake. The rear fan should be exhaust, (intake for 240 top mounted rad) and top fans should exhaust. But even with these changes don't expect too much of a cooling difference.

    If you haven't try cleaning the GPU heatsink. This may mean taking it apart.
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