failed clean win7 install on ssd

I have a functioning, stable 32bit windows 7 professional PC.
motherboard: gigabyte ma790x-udp4
WD HD working fine. I wasn't able to install the 64 bit win 7 professional for some reason, so I gave up and put the 32 bit version in (this was when it first came out). Never have problems, blue screens, nothing...

It's slowed down, so I wanted to do a fresh install and delete old programs. I bought a sandisk 128gb ssd and attempted a fresh install. It's not working.
I disconnected all USB devices, except mouse and keyboard, all other hard drives - only the video card, RAM, ssd dvd and processor connected - I even tried taking out the wireless card.
Every time, it gets to the blue install screen, takes a while to bring up the install menu, and when I select "install", I get a varying blue screen. Some oxoooooofa's, some times it will say "memory_management" - it's maddening.
I flashed to the newest bios.
Bios recognizes the drive. I was able to install it on windows, partition it and USE it just fine when the old system is running. I can't do a clean install.
I even tried installing it from windows. I got to the part where it was writing data before it blue-screened out.
I have original Windows 7 professional disks in immaculate shape. I also downloaded official isos from microsoft - but they did the same thing.

I have not yet tried to install from usb thumb drive, not update the motherboard SATA drivers yet (I yanked the flopy out for lack of 3.5" disks, but I could stick it back if needed).
what else can I try? I was about to buy a new MB, processor and ram...but I don't really need/want to...
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  1. Check in your bios settings if the SATA mode is set to IDE, RAID or AHCI. If you had a regular HDD in, it might be set to IDE which isn't always friendly to SSD's which are meant to be run in AHCI mode usually.
  2. It is set to ACHI. I did research online and tried to configure the MB settings properly. All set to ACHI. I even tried using an old IDE dvd drive to install with...just in case there were some issues. My Sata DVD will NOT function unless I switch the corresponding Sata to IDE. I leave the HD/SSD drives in ACHI mode of course.
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