I need some help with graphics card and PSU

I created a thread the other day and got some answers but I wanted to update with some more information. To start out, I do not have much knowledge about hardware so I will need you guys to explain things thoroughly for me to understand everything.

Back in 2009, I bought THIS customized HP e9280t PC and it was everything that I needed at that time. Unfortunately, I don't remember exactly some of hardware/specs that I chose and I'm not exactly sure how to check myself. If you need more information, please let me know how to find it and I'll post it. Anyways, I chose the Radeon 4850HD graphics card and it's starting to get a tad old for me. I'm interested in something that can run newer games like Battelfield 4 and upcoming games like Titanfall at around medium to high settings. My current issues are my budget size and lack of knowledge of hardware. I'm trying to keep my budget under $200 for everything that I need. I know that I need a new graphics card and I've been told that I should upgrade my PSU. My current PSU is the default one that came with my HP when I ordered it. HERE is a picture of the label on it and HERE is a picture of everything inside my case. I'm interested in this PowerColor 7850 because of it's current price tag. I've been looking at a few other graphics cards and 7850 seems to be the best for my budget from what I understand. For all of these high end graphics cards, you need atleast 500+ watt PSU and mine is unfortunately only 460 watt. I've been looking on this forum and others and I've been finding mix opinions. Some say I pretty much have to buy a new PSU while others say I should be good since 7850 only uses around 280 (something like that). I'm hoping that if I post my actual PSU information (link above) that I could get more of a solid answer. I could technically afford to upgrade to a 500 watt and get my graphics card but I'd rather wait on the PSU until later if I can. Right now I'm planning on upgrading my current PC to hold me off for a year or so and then I plan on building my own. If I can spend as little money until then, the better I will be.
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  1. measure the space available for the card to make sure it will fit and order the graphics card anyway. if it's unstable you get also a psu. from the looks of it seems a decent psu so should work ok even with the recommend wattage not reached.
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    Your 460W PSU is enough for a HD7850.
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