I have a Dell wireless 1505 LAN mini card that I need to update to a WAP. How do I do this? I have a new router but I am unabl

I Need a solution to my mini LAN card problem in re: to a wireless connection. I have a Dell Studio XPS PC with a 1505 LAN mini card and I need to 'upgrade' to a WPA. I have a new router Actiontec GT 784. The other computer in the house has Windows 7 and there was no connection problem -I have Windows Vista and its not working! Is there a downlown available for this 'upgrade'? Can you help me?
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  1. WPA is not an upgrade, it is just the type of encryption you choose for communication between your pc and your router. If your new router is set to, for instance, wpa2-psk, then you must set your pc and/or laptop to the same encryption type. Be sure you type in the password correctly as it will be case sensitive.

  2. Thank you for the info. But I'm not very savvy on how to set my 'encryption type' and Dell wants me to pay $149. to upgrade my hardware. Would you be able to walk me thru the process?
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    The encryption type is controlled by the router. Try to create a new wireless network connection and see if it works better. All you do is change the properties on the wireless connection to change stuff like this but unless you previously set it to not use WPA it will try to use WPA.

    This is a fairly new card. The only strange thing is it is a "draft" version. This likely means they released it before 802.11n was final or they did not pay some fee to get the certification that it meets the 801.11n standard. Most the time this does not matter but I guess you could look into replacing it.

    These mini cards are a pretty standard size so you could get one of the more popular INTEL cards and it would likley fit your laptop. It mostly depends if there is a little door you take off to access the card or if you must completely disassemble the machine.

    It tends to be easier to buy a $25 USB based wireless card many times.

    Still it is likely just a software setting.
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