Can I run BF4 on ultra with 30+ fps?

I'm thinking of getting a gaming pc and have settled on a few components, I'm looking at the gtx 760, i5 4670 and 8gb ram. Would this be able to run bf4, ghosts and titanfall on the highest settings at 30+ fps? Thanks
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    At 1080p, that PC should run BF4 at max settings at 60fps.

    I have a GTX 660 (and an i5 3470) and I can run BF4 on max settings (except for MSAA) at 1080p at 60fps.

    Considering the GTX 760 is a bit more powerful than my card (and the i5 4670 is better than my 3470) you should be able to max it.

    I would also imagine that Ghosts will be maxed, as it's not exactly a taxing game. Not sure about Titanfall though.
  2. I get 80~100 FPS in max setting (ULTRA) with my MSI GTX 770 TF 4GB. So yes, you will probably get average of 60fps or bit lower.
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