ATI Catalyst Settings Saved in the Registry?

Hello All I have an r9 290 and I installed the ATI Catalyst software and went to AMD OVERDRIVE I pushed everything up 10 and hit APPLY. it failed I did it again and black screened and then rebooted.. and every time the ATI catalyst software loads it pushes those settings in and my Screen goes black. I went into save mode disabled the graphics driver so it would load with software defaults then rebooted. removed ati catalyst. Now I just saw a new driver avaiable for the r9 290 so I installed the Catalyst software again. and LOW AND BEHOLD.. somehow those damn settings are in there somewhere I guess registry? Does anyone know how I can WIPE out all ATI Catalyst settings so I can start from scractch and not get black screened?
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  1. AMD used to have a registry cleaner on their site but it seems to have been removed, that's not a good sign.
  2. Yea I kept clicking on it and No Dice. But YES Amd Over Drive and Amd GPU overdrive settings are Saved to the Registry via ATI Catylist. I had to use DDU and get them out. GRRRR. If this happens to anyone else. Reboot into save mode delete the driver and reboot into normal windows uninstall catalyst then find DDU and run it then re-install. WEIRDEST PROBLEM EVER. why would it save Non Functional GPU overdrive settings to the registry.
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    I don't know, I got fed up with the driver performance on my 7790 which is why it's sitting in its box and shoved into a corner.
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