The Profile Service Failed won't allow me into the administrator site where I could correct this because it needs my password

I have a Profile Service Failed message coming up so now I can't get into the administrator site to correct anything. How do I get through this since it doesn't recognize my password as administrator?
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  1. 1) Simple Google shows the normal solution on the MACHINE (not domain) that has the issue is to use the Admin account. Do you have another account (never should use the Admin account as your 'normal account') with Admin privilege to do the same steps?
    2) Your saying Administrator Site, are you talking Domain, or talking just on this computer? You can (if this is on a Domain) use another computer with Domain Admin tools to remotely change the Admin Password on that 'bad' computer.
    3) If the Admin account on this computer is compromised, and not on a Domain, can't use another account to do the 'steps' to force a rebuild of the profile, then your Windows is hosed and you need to use DBAN to wipe it, and reinstall from scratch.
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