Will I be able to play good games on my toshiba i7 with 8gb ram. Intel hd graphics.

I want to know if I will be able to play good games with my intel hd graphics though I have 8gb ram and i7 processor 4th generation processor. And I want to know what types of games too

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    no u will be limited to low on most games. some games wont even load.

    ur pc is made for workloads not gaming. sorry

    maybe leage of legens and cs go on low
  2. no decent 3D games will work on HD4000 graphics
  3. Is there a way to change this
  4. no because ur integrated graphic card is soldered to the laptop mobo, sadly u cant sorry.
  5. you can change videocards and cpu on high end laptops such as clevos alienwares, msi etc. but those laptops are usually 1300$+
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