Corsair PSU HX650 Warranty Period and Rating

Hi Toms community, I am from India, My friend is setting up a new PC, we decided to buy a corsair hx650 psu. I am confused about the warranty provided for the product. Some sites listed it as 3 year limited.

In other sites it is listed for 7 year warranty.;1

They haven't cared about mentioning the products rating, whether gold or bronze. How can I know if its the gold rated or bronze. Also does this psu have new models every year and do the warranty vary with the model year.
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  2. k1114 said:

    thanks, I didn't notice that SKU.
    I will try to contact the seller in amazon about the warranty duration, whether they have mis-typed or they have an old stock. Saved my time. :)
  3. k1114 said:

    Since both PSU are available in market at the same rate, which one will you suggest?
  4. The newer gold version is an obvious choice.
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