Which to get? Gtx680, gtx 770 or R9280x

For gaming at 1080p on an i5-2500k, which graphic card should I get for best value and least noise and heat:

Asus gtx 680 direct cu 2 gb
Asus gtx 770 direct cu 2 gb
Asus R9 280x direct cu 2 gb

In my country I save about 50 bucks if I go for the 680 instead of the 770. I save about 20 bucks if I go for the 680 instead of the R9 280x. So the gtx680 is the cheapest because it is going at clearance prices with the arrival of the 770. Cautious about AMD cards because the last two I had were very noisy under load.

Any thoughts?
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  1. Since you're probably more partial to nvidia, definitely go for the GTX 680. The GTX 770 is basically just a well-overclocked 680 anyways, and you'll most likely be able to get about the same clock speeds on the 680, though you might not get up to the same 7GHz memory as the 770.
  2. Thanks double take. Will the better memory on the gtx 770 make much of a difference and is it possible to overclock the memory of the 680 to 7 ghz?
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    The stock AMD R9's have been reported to run pretty hot on full load and noisy, so if your bent on the 280x get an aftermarket one for sure. However I agree doubletake about the nvidia card atm. If you are only planning on gaming on 1080p I think the 680 should do the trick however the 7ghz memory on the 770 would help alot for gaming at higher res. IMO the 680 is your best bet currently.
  4. get 780 ti
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