Is my CPU bottlenecking me?

would this be considered a CPU bottleneck? or I need a better gpu?

framerate drops to 28s on b2k maps on bf3 at ultra preset, and I want this to be solved, would a gtx 770 solve this?

I have right now an amd fx 6300 running at 4.1 ghz, combined with an asrock 970 extreme 4 and 8gb of ram

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  1. What is your video card?
  2. same question, what is your current gpu? depending on your current gpu, maybe ultra preset is too much for your rig

    but yes, a 770 is a nice card.
  3. ewok93 said:
    What is your video card?

    GTX 660 SC
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    gtx 770 is far more powerfull than "just" a gtx660..almost twice faster.=>
    and bf3 is gpu depended game, not, any decent processor (and yes, fx6300 4.1 is more than enough) will give you almost same result with same gpu in this game..

    so yes, i think 770 will solve your problem..
  5. i wouldn't go any higher than a 680 or a 7970 on an fx6300.
  6. alright then a gtx 770 it is, THANK YOU ALL!

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