How to set up Ricco 2?

Beauty is every girl 's nature. Today small to sister paper can send a picture collage smug applications . This software may be different from similar software in general , style is particularly lovely . Today, for the first time limit free , sister paper can not miss this rare opportunity !

Application interface design cartoon simplicity , which can be regarded as a highlight. Main menu page uses a picture + text format , making the menu page is not so monotonous . Software utility it is very simple . You can choose to visit a local spot to take pictures or albums, then open the picture, you can select the size of the sales app for iphone picture . Then you click on the same button postmark , choose what you want to add decoration and text . Kind of decoration is very complete. Finally, you can help you choose a picture frame , so the more good-looking . Deal picture you can save locally, through Facebook, Twitter, Mail Direct Send to a friend .

This application is very popular. Accessories range, screen style cartoon and illustration style style, people are very catching .
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