have a 6800 with 8750d graphics with 1600 ddr3 wanna cross fire any suggestion on the video card box says 6670 which card is t

have a 6800 with 8750d graphics with 1600 ddr3 16gb mem; I wanna cross fire dual it. Any suggestion on the video card. The apu box says 6670 card is best card with apu. I can run display on mechwarrior online at 1280X1024 at highest settings with apu. I want to increase more fps. Any one have suggestion how to setup a fps counter on mechwarrior online. THks
Is the recommended video card on the apu minimum recommendation or is it the only recommendation with full performance benefits. Or, can I run a better card tha will increase my performance even more than the dualed apu and 6670.
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    Here you go this is what will work with your apu which you didn't mention...
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