Need advice on Playstation-like controller for PC

Hello and thanks for reading.

I am looking for a gift for a friend of mine. She has a PC that she plays games on away from a desk and wants something very similar to a Playstation 2 controller, preferably wireless, for use with the PC. She already has a wireless Xbox 360 controller + receiver, but looking for something more like the PS2 controller to complement that.

I know absolutely nothing about controllers, neither for PC nor for consoles.

I have looked at the Logitech F710 (wireless) as well as the F310 (wired). They share a similar build, but what I'm concerned about is that they seem to be shaped a little differently than a normal Playstation controller. Specifically, the hand grips seem to be thicker (from the pictures anyways). Thus I'm not quite sure if it would have the same feel.

I have also explored online, a couple of Playstation-to-USB adapters, ranging from ~$3 to ~$15. Maybe this is the best way to go, but I'm not sure. She does already have a regular Playstation 2 controller.

Wireless is preferred but not necessary. If anything, I will get a USB extension cord as well.

Does anyone have any experience with this subject? Whether it is with the Logitech controllers and how they compare the PS2 controller; or with the adapters? I would appreciate any and all advice.

Thank you!
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    The PS4 controller is said to work for the PC; can't get any closer then that.
  2. gamerk316 said:
    The PS4 controller is said to work for the PC; can't get any closer then that.

    The PS4 controller is much too pricey for me, but it got me looking into the PS3 controller and a lot of Amazon reviewers said it works with the PC with some third-party drivers. So yay! That's a great solution. Thank you!
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