help me guyz i want to check compatibility of these components

:??::??::??:guyz i m planning to upgrade my pc as i m going to purchase these components :

-> 4GB Ram DDR2:??:
-> 2GB sapphire HD 6450 DDR3 ATI/AMD RADEON graphics:??:
-> ASUS p2kpl-cm MOTHERBOARD:??:
-> INTEL core 2 duos 3.3 ghz Processor and cpu cooler (cooler master hyper 101) :??:
-> cabinet: NZXT GAMMA

plsss tell me whether these components are fully compatible with each other or not and whether with these components i can play games like watch dogs bf4 cod mw3 etc.:??::??::??:
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  1. those are old old parts...what your build dollars are where your from so we can build a better rig for you.
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