i need stable overclock settings of FX6300 for crosshair-v-formula-z

hello everyone i need stable overclock settings for my desktop processor is AMD FX6300be motherboard is Crossair V Formula Z with latest bios
this is my full pc conf
Asus Crosshair V Formula Z |AMD FX 6300 |Asus GTX 660Ti DC2TG |Corsair
Vengeance 2x4GB DDR3 1600MHz |Corsair VS650w |CM Hyper 212Evo |CM 431 Elite
Chassis |2TB Seagate Barracuda HDD |Roccat IskuFX & KoneXTD Keyboard &
Mouse |AOC E2352Phz 23"LED 3D Monitor |5.1 Jack Martin JM-220

thanks and my respect in advance to those who will provide me best solution and settings...
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  1. It's different for everyone. You can't just plug in someone else's numbers and expect yours to work. You have to go through the process of slowly tweaking the clock speed, checking stability, increasing voltage if it crashes, etc.
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    If only overclocking was that easy but there are no generic numbers that you can simply enter and be done with it.
    Here's how I can give you a stable overclock, enable turbo - it'll give you up to 4.1GHz

    Because all CPU's have variance between them, to obtain a stable overclock for yourself there is no substitute for trial and BSOD's. What may work fine for someone else may not be close to stable in your case. Hell, it's possible (unlikely) that your CPU can't clock over 4GHz - throwing numbers out there to chase isn't my recommended procedure, IMO it's best to find a guide or two and see what you can get out of your CPU.

    I think this is a good guide to get you started
  3. thanks for your reply wanderer11 & C12Friedman thing is that i need 4.1ghz stable oc settings when i have done with my system for sometime it runs smooth but after restarting my pc,or at next boot or playing games for long time windows restart my pc by stating some errors system_expectation_handle_fails etc type blue screen errors i m using windows 8.1WMC 64bit...then i have to reset my bios settings afterwords my system run smooth.
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