Is this build solid for Photoshop(Primary)/Gaming(Secondary)?

I am upgrading my machine, and want something rock solid stable for Photoshop & Lightroom (Primary function), gaming(BF4, DOTA. 2nd Function) and Light Development(3rd Function), that will need to last 5+ years.

This machine is unlikely to be overclocked,.

Proposed Build:
Cooler: Noctua DH-14 (Proposed)
CPU: i7 4770K (Proposed)
RAM: (4x4 or 2x8) Trident 2400 Mhz (Proposed, Heat Spreader will be removed to fit under dh-14)
Motherboard: Asus Hero IV (Proposed)

Case: CM Storm Trooper(Owned), will replace fans with Noctua at some point so it is dead silent
Graphics: AMD 3GB 7950 (Owned)
PSU: Corsair HX750 M80 Plus Gold(Owned )
SSD: 830 256GB Samsung (Owned)
Extra Storage, an assortment of different drives (Owned)

Question 1: Is this build solid, any short comings for my needs?
Question 2: Does Photoshop require frequency or timings when I comes to memory?
Question 3: Does quad channel generally performed better than dual channel?

Many Thanks,
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    Its absolutly fine but be sure to go for 2x8 ram and not 4x4 which is an absolute waste of space, i have 16gb as well and i do get to the max of it reguarly on PS alone, i am very very very happy i bought 2x8 the performance increase comparing to 4x4 is SO neglectible its not worth mentioning at the moment.

    But you look good! i am satisfied with similair specs even with heavier tasks i throw at it, yet i did not know about the i7 4930k at that time or it wasnt released. It depends on how important it is what you do and how heavy.

    As said i could use a 4930k really badly at the moment, though i have not yet overclocked my 4770k. As mentioned its a totally fine build, esppecialy going with the faster ram there.
    Although imagine a six-core 4930k overclocked! just saying, its 200 dollars more i believe but might be well worth it, surely the processor will last you more then 5 years.

    Can improve workflow massively.

    Another tip!: consider another SSD of 60gb if you can pick one up for cheap and set photoshop to use that as scratch disk, because it will EAT your 256gb alive.
    On full load in PS i use 30gb scratch-disk and 60gb would be nice with that x GB's as overhead, a 128gb would be nice as well but its all about price. As more overhead will increase life span.

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