Should I use artic silver 5 or thermal compound that comes with hyper 212 evo on my cpu

CPU-Amd phenom IIx6 1090t BE
Hyper 212 evo

My question is should I use artic silver 5 or the thermal compound I recieve with the hyper 212 evo? Or should I use any other thermal compound instead of artic silver 5.My motherboard is a 890gxm-g65(msi) if that matters
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  1. I would use the compound that comes with it, I dont rate Artic silver 5 personally.
  2. Would you suggest any other thermal compound which provides better performance then the compound that comes with it as I'm looking to do some heavy duty overclocking on my cpu.
  3. The TIM that comes with the cooler should work just fine as said above^. Artic Silver 5 requires a break in period of power on and off cycles before it is at it best. That is fine for most but as with my rigs they never power down I am either surfing gaming or encoding so they do not get a break. But then I did not spend the money I did for higher end rigs to have them turned off doing nothing!
  4. Well,I'll be gone for school during day and coming back at evening so they will be a break in period for me and either its artic silver 5 or IC diamond.Which one of the two will give me better temperature for my CPU?
  5. IC diamond. Arctic silver 5 isnt even as good as some compounds that come with the coolers.

    But to be honest, even between the best and and worst there will only be around 3'C.
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    The coolermaster supplied stuff is pretty decent, so go ahead and use it.
  7. Alright instead of paying extra for the thermal compound I'll use the money for better chasis fans.
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