Windows 7 install keeps freezing

Windows 7 install keeps freezing after installing a new motherboard and cpu and memory.
it is a asrock 970 pro3 r2.0 and my processor is a AMD FX8120 and my memory is Geil 16GB 1333 MhZ kit. Anybody knows how it keeps happening? i changed my memorybanks already without any luck.I really dont know what could be the problem
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  1. You need to reinstall windows.
    The freezes are caused by it trying to load the drivers for your old motherboard, devices etc...
    A repair install works sometimes. this would allow you to save your documents and make a backup of them.
    But a fresh install is still best.
  2. did you try installing windows 7 with a single memory dimm installed?
  3. i have formatted my HDD already and reinstalled win7.
    and no i havent installed it with a single Dimm. I read about it,but they where saying that your PC was getting unstable.But im gonna try it right now
  4. What DRAM - is it a 4x4GB set, if so, may simply need a higher DRAM and/or CPU/NB voltage, moat AMD rigs are set for running on 2 sticks not 4 and often undervolt a 4 stick set up
  5. well i got 2x8GB DRAM 1300Mhz. I have already tried to install only 1 and in different slots but it keeps crashing. I run win7 now in safe mode and it keeps going,but when i want to run it in normal mode, it will freeze or i get a blue screen with the message: IRQL LESS OR NOT EQUAL. I dunno what that means
  6. googling says it might be a ram or hdd issue. try googling the exact bsod error message or number.
    did you use the same dimm in every slot or both dimms in every slot?
    have you run memtest86+ to check if the ram modules are okay? (you run memtest86+ from a usb drive or a cd).
  7. If running OK in safe mode but crashing in normal mode sounds like a driver or start up program issue
  8. Are you trying to install Windows from AHCI mode in BIOS? If so, try installing in IDE mode first, using the Microsoft fixit patch for AHCI and Intel Rapid Storage drivers to change Windows drivers back to AHCI mode, then restart and enable AHCI. This is very common with SSD drives and new installations where installing under AHCI (should) work but doesn't.
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