My computer starts to lag until I move my mouse or tap any keys.

Hi people, i desperately need a solution to my problem, it just happened a few days ago when my computer will just start to lag and get all choppy when i leave it as it is, be it while watching youtube/videos or playing a game, as long as i leave it alone for a few minutes,, it will start getting choppy, the audio even gets choppy in-game too. I'm running Windows 7 x64 bit. Intel(R)Core(TM) i5-3570 CPU @3.40 GHz. 8GB ram. Nvidia Geforce GTX 660. My drivers are all fully updated. Did not install any or plug in anything and the problem just came on last Sunday randomly. Everything will run at normal speeds once i move my mouse/tap any keys. Please help!
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  1. Make sure the power profile is set for max. performance.
  2. house70 said:
    Make sure the power profile is set for max. performance.

    Yeah i double checked all the settings and none were changed, i had been using the same max performance settings since day 1. :( Runs just fine after i move my mouse/tap my keys, this is really confusing and bugging me out.
  3. HDD indexing kicking in?
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