Using 2 PCI-E Power Cable Splitters on Corsair VS650

Hi there,

I have a Corsair VS650W PSU which has 2x 6 pin PCI-E power cables that are currently taken up by my Radeon HD 7950 card.

I want to add a second Radeon 7950 card to the system, however I do not have any PCI-e power cables and wanted to use splitters.

So can I use a splitter on each of the current power cables to power up the cards? Will this cause any problems?

PSU will definitely support it as I checked the load before buying however I did not check the cables.

I'm thinking of buying 2 of the following:
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  1. If you use molex to PCI-e adapters you should be fine, not sure about spliters though.
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    Yes, you can use splitter but i'd recommend only two 7950 because each one of them uses a max of 225w
  3. I could supposedly use molex adapters but then I would need 4 available molex adapters for an extra 2 pci-e pwoer cable, and I do not have that many molex available.

    My main concern is with the cable degrading or melting if I put a splitter on each of the current power cables. Is there any risk of that?

    Any good quality splitters recommended?
  4. I've now purchased the splitters and will report back on how I get on.

    I wonder if anyone had done such a thing previously and with what result?
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