Looking for new intel motherboard with haswell support? (bitcoin mining)

Im going to be using a i5 4670k and 5 hd 7970/r9 280x graphics cards so I need 5 gpu support. I also need good power delivery as i don't want to fry the board.

The maximum im willing to spend on the board is £120/$200 but I would prefer to spend £80/$130
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  1. Thats a hard request right there :)

    First to power 5 GPU you need 1500w of PSU.

    Next is to find a motherboard that would fit 5 GPUS AND is 130$. I have never seen a MB that houses 5 GPU aside from those with risers. :)
  2. im going to use the 1300w psu from evga because i don't think i will buy the fifth gpu for a while


    and yeah i would be using risers
  3. Best bet might be to look at the X79 mobos, the have more PCI lanes to better accomodate multiple GPUs
  4. I got a Asrock Z87 Pro4, which wasn't too expensive, but for the PSU I got the biggest they had at 1475w and that's not going to be enough for more than 4 GPU's - I'm running R9 280x's and so far got three and am aiming at 4 in total. However, I can't seem to get them to run together without BSOD and error code 3b and I'm worried it's a MB limitation, though the error code points to the drivers - am currently downloading older drivers to test...
    That being said, so far the bets one to mine with has been the ASUS, but till I get them all working at the same time, I won't be testing fully and tweaking completely and hence don't know how it will be after I'm done . . .
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