How do I reset monitor 2 (laptop) back to the original resolution?

My laptop is a Dell Latitude D810 (Windows XP Pro). Just added a Samsung 24" monitor last night. The 24" is now the primary laptop (identify 1) with the toolbar on the desktop. The laptop is the secondary monitor (identify 2). The laptop resolution is messed up now. Even in the little picture it looks like a wide screen and it's not (Display properties, Settings, Drag the monitor icons to match the physical arrangement of your monitors page.) Screen resolution is set to 1024 x 768 and the Color quality is Highest (32) bit. Even when the resolution is changed the screen in the preview window stays on wide screen instead of square (was square before switching the 24" monitor to primary.) I've tried everything I can think of... Please help, thank you!
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    Change the resolution to what it should be for your screen and hit OK. Don't worry about what the monitor icons look like in the window, just make sure the actual screen is displaying properly.

    To run different resolutions you need to have the screens set to extend not clone. If you have it set to where both are showing the same thing, they need to be set to the same resolution which will make one of the screens look a bit odd.
  2. Cool, thanks.
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