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Hi The World:

I want to buy a SSHD 250g. The problem I have which one? I am no gamer; but I like plenty of speed with what I do. I also do not play videos.

What I want is a name of which SSHD is reliable and fast; I have tried one or two out; but my lack of knowledge keeps me from choosing. I was thinking of either a Samsung 8440 Evo; Crucial; OCZ or Kingston.

Any ideas which one?

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  1. Samsung 840 Evo is one of the best among the rest out there. :)
  2. Thank you for your reply I know that Samsung Evo 840 is mostly for a Laptop. However; I want to run it on a Computer; is that viable?

    Please reply
  3. A laptop is a computer :P. I assume you mean desktop however. All SSD's are in the 2.5" form factor (which is the laptop standard). They are designed like that so they can be run in both a desktop and a laptop, thus the manufacturers can maximize the amount of potential buyers, and more buyers = lower prices its a win win.

    I also would recommend an 840 EVO.

    Also SSHD stands for Solid State Hybrid Drive (Mix between SSD and mechanical hard drive)
  4. SSD's are usable in both laptops and desktops; there is no difference or better usage for one versus the other. The only thing is that as Snipergod87 pointed out, they are in a 2.5" form factor which is the standard for laptops, which means that if you do not have 2.5" capabilities in your desktop case, you will have to buy a 3.5 to 2.5 adapter in order to install it.

    But yes, the Samsung 840 series is pretty much the best out there, Tom's exclusively uses the Pro version.
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    + another for the Samsung

    The 'Pro' versions have a 5-yr warranty -- non-Pro 3 yr warranty.

    Your best bet is likely to go with a 120GB model for your OS/Apps, and use your remaining fund to buy a conventional HDD for data/storage/work.

    Most Samsung models also come with a great HDD cloning utility!
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