Should I use Motherboard Standoffs?

Hello guys and gals!

I am a Police Officer so as you can probably imagine, I am a noob at PC building and rarely get the time to do so!... So be aware.. Noob alert ahead!

I have just bought the Black Edition Mechatron Gaming Case: Clicky here

I am trying to install a Motherboard but where the standoffs should be, the case has raised bumps meaning that when the standoffs are installed the mobo wont line up with the I/O shield by a long shot, further, the graphics card wont line up with it's PCI E Expansion slot...

Am I suppose to use standoffs with this case? The case came bundled with 3 standoffs but I can't use them because I won't be able to access the back ports!

Have a look at the case pictures and tell me what you think please! It's been a long day and my head is soon to explode!
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  1. I believe the "bumps" should have a threaded hole in them for a screw. Quite a few cases have these "built in" standoffs to mount a motherboard.
  2. Just use the raised 'bumps'

    Be sure to grab the metal portion of the case to discharge any static prior to picking up your mobo.
  3. Those raised bumps are the stand-offs for your case. The 3-stand-offs provided are for mounting points that don't have a raised bump already built-in the case.

    What motherboard are you trying to install in the chosen case?
  4. If you place the mobo in the case without the standoffs does the IO panel line up? The only thing I would be worried about is shorting out the mobo without the standoffs. What do the instructions for the case say?
  5. BTW, nice case and it is a bog standard mATX/ATX design. Assuming you are trying to mount a mATX or ATX motherboard into the Aerocool, you likely just have the motherboard misaligned with the case. If you line up the I/O panel (the part that will mate up with the aluminum panel you install in the case that allows the ports to extend out the back of the case), you'll see that the motherboard mounting points will line up with the stand-offs built into the case.
  6. Thank you all for the quick replies! You're awesome!

    Just to clarify, without the standoffs the Mobo lines up perfectly, but with the standoffs the motherboard does not line up at all.... Here is the manual for the case... Clicky here... As you can see, it is not in depth and confused my tiny brain!

    So, to be sure, I am okay to just mount my Mobo straight onto the lumpy bumpy bits in the case?

    For those wondering the Mobo I have chosen was the Asus Rampage IV Extreme... The only reason I chose it was because it sounds and looks cool!... Please tell me if it is a pile of rubbish!
  7. Yes, mount to the lumpy bumpy bits. BTW, that is an excellent motherboard as well.
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