Hello, i have an ACER mrs600m motherboard. Receantly my driver for IEEE 1934 got lost. I have tried everything to get back tha

Hello, i have an ACER mrs600m motherboard. Receantly my driver for IEEE 1934 got lost. I have tried everything to get back that driver, ann i couldn't find it on the internet. So i installed a new system again, frist, XPsp3, then WIn7... every driver is working ok except this one.
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    What ACER computer model is this in? Aside from that, do you know what that driver is even for and is something not working because of it?
  2. I bought this motherboard 2 years ago. Everything worked fine, and then the problem (if a can call it a problem) starts to appear. I also have another issue with this MB. I work with computers nearly 10 years, I repare them a all that stuff. I am asking here because I have also seen this problem for the first time. I searched the internet and everything, and no solutions. My motherboard is a used on ACER pc desktop machines such as ( Aspire E571 and T671 ) and (Acer Aspire M5610). Beside that problem with IEEE 1934 port with no driver and with new and different operating systems... (i can just disable in BOS the IEEE port, and use another option for FireWire, if i ever need that!) My biggest PROBLEM is that this MB has an integreted GPU whic is the ATI Xpress X1250!!! As we know Internal VGA ussualy usses RAM memory for VRAM! In my case, i bought a HD4650 graphic card for PCIx slot, and everything worked fine 3 months ago, after my Integrated GPU start to using RAM memory for video, although i have now this HD4650 card. This was not happenig before. The problem is with DRIVER. When I sometimes play some newer GAME, i could't star normally, because it says the driver will not function normally. I have tried another ATI cards, but not nVIDIA cards. My HD4650 card is ok, I have tested it. Could there be a problem because my Moterboard has an ATI chipset, and the VIdeo card I use is also from ATI! I think not, but could there be interfering with the drivers form chipset with the driver for HD 4650. Because this is an Brand motherboard, the BIOS is loced for overclocking. And ther is no disable option for Integrated GPU X1250. I only can switch how much megabytes can i use for VRAM. Everything is the same on XP, VIsta, Win7 (32 and 64bit). IF anywone had this kind of problem, please tell how to fix it. - Or I have no otneh option as to buy a new MB :/
  3. The video card does not care what chipset it is plugged into for the most part, it's very rare that there are compatibility issues, and any that are there would come up soon as you tried to use the card not months later. You can just disable the onboard video in Device Manager. Also can try updating the BIOS, chipset and video drivers (for your add-on card).
  4. I already disabled the Integrated X1250 in Device Menager, that was the first thind that I did. Everything is up to date by now. But still, or example, whe i use programs for GPU, (like GPU-Z) it show Video card X1250 but with 1gb memory (like the HD4650), and sometimes it is showin normally the specs for HD4650 and for X1250 separately. I have tried to fins the new BIOS, but as my MB is not very popular on NET, I couldnt find the free new BIOS version.
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