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I have a cabin in the woods that I visit 3-4 times a year for 1-2 weeks each time. I don't have any internet access - DSL Cell or cable. I do have phone and my connection is never above 24KB. This with several modems over the years. My problem is the programs on my computer are hogging up my bandwidth so even email is unusable. Is there a program that I can run that will tell me which program is using the internet so I can stop it from taking up the bandwidth.
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  1. If you look at the network part of the resource monitor tool that is built into windows it will show you every process and how much data it is using.

    I suspect what will happen is that it will show the browser is doing it which does not help much. Your best bet is to run the noscript plugin for firefox. This prevents a lot of stuff from auto running. Things like adblocker and ghostery help a lot too...I run these even when I have lots of bandwidth since lots of things send data in the background.

    If all else fails you can load wireshark. This will let you see the actual packets. You can then do things like put in dummy routes or host table entries to prevent traffic that is not useful.
  2. Seeing as that is only 3 kilobytes/sec I could see it being slow.

    You may be able to use the resource monitor in Windows to see what is currently using the network, but it is important to know that the internet is just not designed for such low bandwidth(it was when dial up was popular.).

    You may be able to use an agent switcher add-on for your web browser to make websites display a mobile version. This can save bandwidth by loading mostly text. You may also be able to set your web browser(directions are different from browser to browser) to run in a text only mode(this removes the bandwidth killing images.).
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    Unless you are using basically text email, which most emails these days are not, you won't get anywhere decent with those speeds. I'm pretty sure the issue is not anything else with the computer. You can turn off Windows updates and any other automatic updates like Java, Adobe, but it won't help much at all.

    You may be able to get the connection higher if you have the phone company re-do your phone lines, noisy lines are a huge part of getting slower dial-up speeds. You can probably double your speeds with a clean signal, although doubling a 24k connection is like getting a worm to deliver your package from another state rather than a snail.
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