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Im going to buy laptop and i have just enough money to buy this. Can i use this laptop for digital drawing?(3k x 3k, 300dpi paintings)
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  1. Nope. Not if I understand you question.

    If you are looking for a laptop so that you can paint / draw then you need a laptop that has a touchscreen and also an active digitizer. The active digitizer allows for light and heavy brush strokes so the more pressure you apply (using a digital pen), the thicker the line will be. These types of laptops generally will cost over $800 USD.

    Painting / drawing things at 3k x 3k would be a pain on a screen with only a resolution of 1366x768 as well since that would mean you need to do a lot of scrolling around.

    Examples of laptops for this type of medium are the Acer Aspire R7, Sony Vaio Duo 13, and Sony Vaio Flip 13, 14 and 15. The Duo 13 and Flip 13 start at over $1,000 USD.
  2. I have Wacom bamboo drawing pad so i dont need touchscreen
  3. Well since I don't paint or draw, I don't know what things are considered absolutely necessary and what things are "nice to have".

    I can tell you that screen is a TN panel LCD which is not known for color accuracy. These type of panel tech generally have the worse color accuracy. IPS panels have better color accuracy and viewing angles in general, but IPS panels also vary. For example the Lenovo ThinkPad T440p has an IPS panel, but it is not up to the standards for someone who requires color accuracy. For that a ThinkPad W540 would be far better (an more expensive) which has a better quality IPS panels and have an option for a 3k resolution screen. It also comes with a built in colorimeter to improve the color accuracy of the IPS display.

    For casual painting / drawing color accuracy generally would not be a big concern... unless it is actually important to the individual.
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