Should I worry about cooling VRM / MOSFETs... OCed/non-OCed

Hey guys, this will be the second time in a week I'm groverling for help. Currently I'm specing up a gaming rig, that will be somewhat 'future proof' and I have a question.

If I turn to liquid cooling a stock clocked 4770k (in the hopes that I can OC it whenever I need to), I surely loose that feature of a top down fan pushing cooler air into the motherboards VRM and MOSFETs. My question is, is that a big deal? Will I need to incorporate other means to cool the VRM or will the heatsinks on the motherboard be enough on their own?

I do plan on having the rad fans of a H100i on the inside of the case pulling air past the rad and into the case around the top of the mobo, will that suffice? And if I overclock, will I need considerable cooling?

If don't need a cooling solution for this I'll go for the Asus Hero motherboard (or the Pro). If i do need a cooling solution, I'll just get the sabertooth with the silly little fans in the hope that helps.

I do realize to some this may be a stupid question, but considering my last PC was back in 2003 I don't know if voltages and currents in a mobo have gone to a point where they can fry the system if left untreated?

Thanks if anyone can help :)

*side note if anyone can suggest a better motherboard if they can think of one I'm open to recommendation
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    Many people use those coolers without additional VRM cooling and with the HERO it is a none issue as long as your case has good airflow. Happy overclocking!
  2. I 2nd rolli, it's not something you need to worry about
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