Windows 7 Aero theme causing random hard lock-ups

I am at a complete loss here.

i5 2500k
Nvidia GTX 560ti

All stock no overclocks.

When I have windows 7 aero theme enabled my computer will always lock up. Whether its 5 minutes after I enable it or 5 hours, it will always lock up. It seems to always happen when my system is idle and I'm just browsing the web.

What happens: The mouse may stutter or skip once or twice followed by a complete lockup. Both the Keyboard and the mouse will become unresponsive and my screen will freeze, forcing me to do a hard-reset.

If I disable windows aero theme and change it to windows 7 basic I have no issues.

What I've tried:
Complete reformat and reinstall
Memtest from a boot usb - no issues
Installing every driver on my motherboards website
A hard drive diagnostic utility - no issues
Registry cleaner - still having issues

What can I do here?
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  1. That to me sounds like a driver issue, Go to Nvidia and download the current drivers. Uninstall your old drivers and then restart (even if it don't ask), and install the the new driver and restart again (even if it don't ask). And see if that fixes the problem. Also, are you running any GPU monitoring software? that could interfear with 2d clocks and mess Aero up.

    Nvidia has that don't have to restart after install or uninstalling their drivers that seem to cause more problems then good.
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