Please Recommend Case and PSU for my build

Hi , I am trying to build a gaming rig in about 2 weeks and I was stuck with the following options:

1- A FX 6300 + R9 270X + 8GB RAM 1600 and 1TB WD Blue Drive , with a mid end Gigabyte MB (dont remember it's name)

2- I5 4570 + 8GB 1600 + 1TB WD BLUE DRIVE + ASUS mid end MB

Most of all I want to know an Appropiate Case and PSU for his build. In case of build number 1. I will keep it until Skymont , then build from scratch with no upgrades.

With build number 2 I will play with Intel HD 4600 some old and indie games for about a year. Then I want to add an SSD , 8 gigs of RAM more and most important a high end GPU : I think I would go for GTX 870. I want 4gigs of VRAM to future proof my system , but nowadays it's really expensive.

Could you please reccommend me a PSU for this builds? Using Thermaltake PSU calculator , build number 2 when upgraded with SSD , memory and the GPU had a reccommended wattage of 420w. Do you think a 550 -600w PSU would be enough for this system. I don't plan to overclock any of them.

Hardware sellers in my country reccommended a 500w PSU at least for a pc with a dedicated GPU and a 750W psu for a high end card.
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    PSU - Not sure where you are buying from or what their selection may be, but look toward Antec, Corsair, Seasonic or XFX for a quality power supply. 550w is plenty of power for either of those systems with a single GPU. If you plan to run a second 270x down the road, then bump that up to 750w.

    CASE - Again, not sure what your options are, but there is no need to over spend. Look for a case with a bottom mount PSU (so the hot air can rise can get to your exhaust fans), and one that gives you case fan options. Ideally you would want to have intake fans on the front and side (and maybe bottom), then exhaust on the top and back. Add case fans as you please with dBA under 20 for low noise...
  2. what brands are available in your country ?
    but generally speaking quality 550/600w power supply would handle both systems with ease...

    case : corsair 300R for example , if it´s available...
  3. Enermax Ostrog dude, really a bang for the buck case.. or the NZXT source 220.

    also, here are some pointers when choosing a case:

    *cable management feature
    *usb 3 support
    *sufficient case fan slots
    *can support long GPU and tall CPU coolers
    *dust filters if necessary
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