Case cooling: Could anyone help me plan out my fans for this case please?!

I'm not really sure where to put my fans in my case. I have been reading about positive and negative air flow, and this has just confused me even more! ;-O

I currently have 2 twocool fans as exhast that come with the case (REAR and TOP), and I also have (pack of 2):
to play with.

Where should I put all of these fans to create the best cooling possible in my Antec 300 two case?

Places to put fans include:
2 at front
1 at rear
1 at top
1 at left side
1 at right side

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  1. You need to put the link in and without the spaces

    You currently have negative pressure.

    In general

    front - intake
    rear - exhaust
    top - exhaust
    left side - intake or exhaust depending on your video config.
    right side would be behind the board. I never use them.
  2. What else is in the system?
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