Gaming lag but System Exceeds Requirements??

Hi Guys

I was unsure on where to post this but here goes...

Heres my System:
Intel Core i3 3220 3.3Ghz LGA 1155 CPU
4x2GB 1333Mhz RAM (was previously 4GB) (Total 8GB 1333mhz)
MSI B75-G43 Military Class Mainboard
Palit Nvidea GTX 460 256Bit (800mhz)1GB GDDR5 Graphics Card
1TB Segate Barracuda 7200 HDD+ Seagate 80GB 3600 (Music Storage Only)
600w Aerocool Bronze Edition Power Supply

Running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64Bit

My issue is this.
Ive been a Avid gamer for some time now, Titles like NFS Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted 2013, Crysis 1,2 and COD Black Ops series. All of which im able to run at the highest quality and graphics without even having to overclock the CPU or GPU ( and running only 4GB 1333mhz RAM)

Recently I went out and bought Need for Speed Rivals 2013. Seeing as the back of the box says 8800GT (of which my GTX460 exceeds) and a Intel 2.4GHz Dual core (of which my Core i3 Exceeds) I thought I'd have no trouble playing this game.

When it comes time to run the game it Lags. Not unplayable but it lags (Give it its due i was running it 1600x900 and Ultra Settings)

After updating my graphics drivers as well as downloading updates for the game Nothing has changed. I tried playing the game on the lowest settings and im still having the game lagging, including placing all the detail settings on low, as well as overclocking the graphics card using MSI afterburner. So im Puzzled, is the CPU causing the bottleneck, or the GPU or do i need to buy an SSD. The lag is not as bad as when the graphics was turned on the fullest (Of which it ran, and sometimes without any lag at all) but i expected absolutely No lag at all when the graphics are turned all the way down..

I was hoping to atleast run Rivals without any issues before i decided to go i5 2500k and get a GTX660 (or better) next year.. But playing the game with the lag is simply annoying..

Back to the system, Im able to play Crysis 2, Hot Pursuit, Most Wanted 2012, Crysis 1 and a few less Speced games on extremely high graphic settings without even an overclock. Games dont lag at all.

Anything i can do to combact this? Im tired of playing this game and having it lag like this.

Appreciate the help. Thanks
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    NFS: Rivals is plain and simple, a terrible PC port. I'm sure it's not your system, but the game itself.
  2. My guess is that there is no bootleneck, your pc its simply to old.

    You should know that race games doesnt push the graphics card too hard cause there are less variables.

    But this one(NFS Rivals) is based on Frostbite 3 which is the engine that runs BF 4, its heavy.

    But on low 720p u should get no lag, if your having as you claim i dont know why. You have newest drivers game patches.

    OBS: i own a 2600K and a gtx 580 full graphics no lag(Just to make a point of reference)
  3. Time for an upgrade.
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