What are the benefits of a sound card?

I want to enter the field of music audiophiles and I want to get the basics of how one can benefit from a sound card? I recently purchased the Asus Xonar Essence STX for cheap for cyber monday and I set it up on my computer. I have the Logitech Z623 speakers and....don't really notice the difference. I have yet to purchase a pair of headhones from maybe Sennheiser or Audio-Technica. Can someone break it down for me how it is beneficial and whether you own one and which one?
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  1. The only difference that you can hear is when you have high end speakers or headphones, other than that eg. basic-medium gaming, onboard sound is totally fine. Only with audio recording/5.1-7.1 speakers need sound cards.
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    Most low-/mid range equipment simply won't benefit from a soundcard, since they lack the necessary dynamic range and output quality to really allow any differences to shine through.

    The STX especially is really meant for headphones anyway; there's a reason why ASUS slapped an Amp capable of driving 600 Ohm headsets on the thing. My Xense is one model down, and going from onboard to my Xense with my ATH-m50's is SIGNIFICANT in terms of audio quality, especially once the headphones were broken in.
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