Can I use a PCI Express 3.0 card?

I currently have a Gigabyte 990XA mobo and a GTX 560 card. I have not upgraded my card since 2011, and I want to get a GTX 760, but want to make sure it will plug into the same slot before I buy. The motherboard says the slot is a PCI Express 2.0, but the card is a PCI Express 3.0. Can someone tell if this card will work or not?

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    Yes will work without problem.PCIE 3.0 is backward compatible.
  2. Yes you can! If you could not then the rest of the AM3+ owners would be in problems since there is only one AM3+ board that supports PCie 3.0.
  3. PCIe automatically negotiates the slower of the two speeds. If the slowest side supports only PCIe1, the interface will run at PCIe1 speed. If the slowest side is PCIe2, it will run at PCIe2, etc.
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