2560x1440 korean monitor outlet adapter help

Just bought:

They say product support 110v ~ 240v
Plug type is C for korea
so i need a multiplug or voltage transformer for my plug type and voltage, i live in the USA

What do you suggest i get....?
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    If using in the US, all you need is a standard PC power cord and just plug it into the outlet of your choice. The power supply is auto-switching and will handle the rest. That's it!

    Good luck!
  2. A standard PC power wire should work. The ebay listing says the monitor PSU can use 100v-240v. The average wall outlet in the US is 120v. This is exactly the way many PC PSUs work the PSU will run on any voltage in the range.
    The photo shows a modular PSU with a standard plug for a PC or Monitor power wire.
    Double check with the seller.
  3. Thank you very much fellas :) ill try that when it arrives!
  4. You are most welcome. Have fun!
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