MSI Z87-G45 Dead Ethernet Port?

First build, the lights around the ethernet port have never been lit. In BIOS, the Board Explorer marks the port as disconnected regardless of whether an ethernet cord is inserted.

Windows (8.1) does not detect any connection either.

I have updated to the latest BIOS and installed the latest version of the Killer Network Manager.

I am not super hardware guy, but from what I've read it smells like a dead port. The usb ports below the ethernet port function properly if that's relevant.

Halp :D
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    Have you tried a different cable?
  2. jfreggie2 said:
    Have you tried a different cable?

    Haha this is crazy, so the most convenient alternative ethernet cable has a broken clip; this let me insert it farther past the input/output shield, and we have lights and internet! thank you :D

    edit: My problem was not inserting the original cable in all the way. Both cables function. God I'm a noob >.>
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