I have to run a cable from a TV in the lobby of a school to a computer thats about 175 feet away. Is it good to run and audio cable 175 feet or i was thinking run a CAT6 cable and convert it into audio, but is that possible?

We're already runnning a CAT6 to convert into VGA but we need the audio too so what should i do?

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    We've had reasonable success with Intelix baluns. We haven't used this particular model, but the DIGI-VGA-F looks like it would do what you want. From Intelix's literature, "The DIGI-VGA-F features up to 1920x1200 computer video performance and high-fidelity 20Hz to 20kHz audio performance extension up to 350 feet." (emphasis mine)
    Based on your 175 feet, assuming you have a good quality CAT6 run and minimal electromagnetic interference, you should be able to push 1920x1200 at that distance. Intelix also says, "RGBHV video up to 1920x1200 at 250 feet down to 800x600 at 850 feet (Cat 6)."

    You can get the DIGI-VGA-F here for $315, the lowest I could find through a quick web search. I haven't done any trust checking on the seller/domain.

    Hope that's helpful!
  2. Ok, i will give it a try, thank you very much!
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