Please help me interpret memtest86


I have a computer that I use for virtualization and I suspect there may be some memory issues with it. I'm currently running memtest86 and this is how the screen looks like. I have no idea how to interpret it so I really hope you guys could help me out. Thank you so much! :)

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  1. it says there are errors i would get new RAM there's nothing really you can do about it
  2. Yes, but I would like to know which of my 4 modules which is faulty?
  3. In RAM you can have a couple situations.

    1. A ram module itself so 1 module could be bad. To figure this out you need to test each.
    2. Combining 2 modules may be bad. They may be a mis match thus causing errors. Mostly caused by timings on two different types of ram.
    3. You can have ram that is totally fine by itself but with another stick they don't like each other. Sounds crazy but it is true and very much possible.

    I would suggest testing each stick individually.
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