I have an HP Compaq DC7900 with 3.0G duo, 240w ps. Will an Nvidia GT610 work on this machine?

Nvidia GT610 and HP Compaq DC7900 slim profile (240w psu), compatibility.
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    Yes you can.

    You DC7900 is Small Form Factor case :
    240W active PFC 85% efficient
    (1) PCI
    (1) PCI Express x1
    (2) PCI Express x16
    - Accommodates low profile cards only
    - Graphics slots support 35W cards
    - 2nd PCIe x16 slot functions electrically as a x4

    And GT-610 is 29W GPU :
    Maximum Graphics Card Power 29 (W)
  2. Thank you Nikolay. I appreciate the confirmation.
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