no video output with hdmi or display port, only with DVI cable

i know this is a dumb question. i just built my computer and i have a ge force gtx 770 mated to an asus deluxe z87 mobo. my monitor is a an asus 23 inch. i can get video output using the old DVI connector but i cannot get video output using the HDMI or Display Port connectors. what am i missing here? do i need to go into my bios and set something up so i get video output specifically from the hdmi or display port. i thought i would get video output from whatever cable i connected by default. any suggestions or help would be much appreciated.
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  1. It really should just work.

    Do you have another monitor to test the card's HDMI and DisplayPorts?
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    your right you should get it from any port unless your trying to push > 60Hz, then only video output on the DP ports should work for that (HDMI / DVI don't support those). Personally it sounds like the monitor isn't working, have you tried from your computer via HDMI you know works (say your Blu-Ray or something) and then to your TV?
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