Motherboard & New Graphics Card

this is my present motherboard.

I'm looking to get a good graphics card to play games. I only want to spend $120 maybe depending on how much better $130 but no more than that. I have been looking at cards and everything to me seems bad or poor reviews or unknown I want to select the best card I can buy for the money. That still also compatible with my moba.

Please Advise.
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    As mentioned in your other thread. The 2 best cards for a $120 is the GTX 650 ti boost and the HD7850(links to both in the your other thread), both are equals in performance.
  2. You didn't provide your specs (use SPECCY), because any new cards require more power then a 'OEM' PSu provides which is a additional cost. Further if your running a low end processor (say a Celeron Pentium chip) getting a new video card won't help at all to 'play games' (need to specify what games too).
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