CD RW/DVD Rom tray does not open after updating

After downloading recommended and urgent software that my system required my DVD/CD no longer worked. I have followed all guidelines in MS and Windows, ran a diagnosis from Dell, and MS Mr. Fix It, downloaded other drivers and removed old one. I was still unable to fix the problem. I was using the driver one hour prior to the downloads and upgrades and know that ii was working fine. The light, tray, nor can I eject it. I used a pin to open tray and re installed and closed tray but it acts as if there is no power. I also, checked all connections, completely detached all power sources to reset it.But it still won't work. I really think the version that got updated to my system is the culprit but I have no idea what to download or from where that would be compatible and free. Originally I think it was running a Philips version but since I didn;didn't uninstall it I didn't think to write down S/N. I have listed my OS, Manufacturer, etc. below. If anyone can help me it would be greatly appreciated. I want to thank you ahead of time for the kindness. Roxy

Microsoft Windows XP Pro

Intel 82845G Graphics Controller

System Model is OptiPlex GX60 Type: X86

Bios Version/Date: Dell Computer A08 6/7/2004

OS Microsoft

CPU is Intel Celeron 2.4 GHZ 32 Bit

Mainboard is 0c3207 Dell Computer Corp. S/N 38DV751

IDE Primary Master HDD 37GB WDC WD4 0088 60j

I hope I covered all info needed . Thank you for any help or advice..R.
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  1. First when reviewing your information, your appearing to still be using a TEN YEAR OLD COMPUTER, and running XP with no service packs. Let me state, there will be no support or solutions available for such a old system, and most likely no way to 'fix it' as the connector types for that DVD model are NO LONGER PRODUCED (IDE). So even if 'replace the drive' was a solution there is no way to do so.

    As I noticed as well your on XP Pro no service packs. Numerous patches and fixes were added to address many issues, and your system should install up to SP3 to resolve ANY issue. No other method would be more reliable to ensure 'compatibility'. Again though XP is no longer supported, so there is no 'software' out there to resolve this.

    Lastly, considering the age of the computer, YES components (DVD, monitors, whatever) can work one hour ago then POOF no longer work because they wore out.

    Given all these, your BEST and LEAST cost solution would be to either continue using the system till one day it just 'doesn't turn on anymore' OR better yet go to Walmart today, and for $249 pick up a i3Core desktop or better yet LAPTOP that will be under warranty for at least a year, then parts failure guarantee for 3 years.
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