i5 3570k vs 4440

I am making my first PC build and was wondering which processor is better considering i am not intending to overclock?
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    3570k is faster than a 4440, however save a few bucks and get a 3570 (non k) if you have no intention of OCing.

    The 4400 uses a newer chipset than the 3570k, which has a few better features... my actual suggestion (assuming you're in the USA) would be to buy Same clock speed as the 3570k, cheaper, and does more number crunching per mhz.
  2. Core i5-3570K : A bit faster in general,
    Performs insignificantly better in graphics applications,
    Allows effortless overclocking,
    Needs less power check out here
  3. If not overclocking, a 1230v2 is your best Intel CPU for the money.
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