Motherboard question about supporting GTX 780

I know that the GTX 780 has 1 PCI slot but is that the only factor i have to consider while looking for an upgradeable gpu? would the MSI MS-7641motherboard be powerful enough to support a card such as the GTX 780?
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  1. The MSI MS-7641 will support that gpu:)
    The question is if the rest of your computer will bottleneck that very powerful graphics card.
    What is your CPU?
  2. heres the Dxdiag report of the system

    and heres the PSU im getting aswell heres a previous topic with screenshots of inside my case aswell
  3. It looks like your okay. you might want to think about an aftermarket cpu cooler and overclocking your cpu a bit though. The GTX780 is a very powerful graphics card. What games do you play?
  4. well my goal is to run Arma 3 ultra settings
  5. Here are some benchmarks for Arma 3. Happy gaming:)

  6. Hmm so that chart is saying that the Geforce gtx 770 is better for Arma 3 than the gtx 780. But isn't the gtx 780 ti overall better?

    Assuming the Gtx 780 and Gtx 780 Ti are the same exact card

    And can you recomend a good aftermarket cpu cooler one that will fit in the case, Because the case as you can see is kinda small and with this card im just gonna be able to fit it into my system without touching the side case fan
  7. The top result with the GTX770 is an SLI result. That means it is 2 Nvidia GTX770's running it together. Your motherboard only supports 1 graphics card and the GTX 780 will be just fine for you:)
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    It's late in the UK and i am now going to sleep but when i get home from work tomorrow i'll look for a cooler i can recommend:)
  9. ok thanks and is a cooler mandatory to get or will it just help out alot?
  10. The cooler isn't mandatory unless you overclock your CPU:)
  11. na not planning on overclocking not now atleast, but i tried looking to see the average temps for the gtx 780 but could not find any
  12. The temps are easy to find:) These are idle and load temps for a lot of cards including the 780 and 780ti

  13. so it says loaded 83c at what tempature should i start to worry if it ever gets to?
  14. ok so i noticed on the gpu im getting it says This model is factory overclocked to 980 MHz Base Clock/1045 MHz Boost Clock (standard 875 MHz Base Clock/928 MHz Boost Clock), pushing the performance to a new level.
    does that mean im gonna have to get a cooler?
  15. The cooler on overclcocked graphics cards operate well enough to cool them.
    A graphics processor is different to a cpu and can run much hotter. The 780ti shouldn't go above 90 degrees really. If it hits much above 90 it will probably clock it's speed down so it cools.
    Do you have any case fans? A good airflow in a case helps with the overall temperatures
  16. there's a fan on the side and a fan on the back. not sure how good they are though.

    Speaking about the side fan i was worried that the card will stick out to far to the point where it hits the fan. The fan sticks out about an inch and the GPU is 4.38 inches wide

    Also should i get a aftermarket cooler version of the gtx 780 ti? or will the stock coolers be good enough where i wont have to worry about overheating?

    one more thing eariler in the conversation you mentioned i should overclock my cpu is that mandatory to get the max performance out of my gpu?

    or what benefits would i get from overclocking my cpu?
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