ddr3 1600 2x4gb vs 1333 4x2gb for 4 slot mobo / 1x4gb vs 2x2gb for 2 slot mobo

ddr3 1600 2x4gb vs 1333 4x2gb for 4 slot mobo
ddr3 1600 1x4gb vs 1333 2x2gb for 2 slot mobo
2 matchups
which will perform better?
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    If the motherboard has a dual channel memory controller, then the 2x4GB at 1600MHz will yield the best performance
  2. 2x4gb @1600 in the top example


    2x2gb @1333 in the bottom one.
  3. stick to two slots on the 4 slot mobo if you have a choice... and the higher MHZ (keep in mind that a lower cl latency will perform better too, so as frequency is increases, latency goes up too... so they can even cancel each other out in some scenarios) - only socket 2011 cpu's have 4 channel ram, and those are ussually 8 slot motherboards....
  4. is it worth to buy 2x2gb if it cost 10$ more than 1x4gb?
  5. for the most part I would say yes, leave future upgrades as an option.
  6. even if the 2x2gb is 1333mhz?
  7. 2x2 gb 1333 MHz ram will perform better than 1x4gb 1600 ram in nearly every situation. I assume that is what you were asking?
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