GPU Crashing Under High Load (Stock Clocks)

I've bought a ASUS R9 280X Matrix Platinum Edition around a month ago and it has been working fine. I got into Bitcoin mining and Litecoin mining. I started off with Bitcoins and I've been getting some good hash rates, also I've been playing BF3 and Far Cry 3, both at max settings and it's been fine. I started to play around with GPU Tweak and overclock my GPU, I used the Burn function to save the clocks into the GPU's BIOS. I didn't really notice any problems with it but once I started Litecoin mining, it would eventually crash and I would get this white screen with vertical lines, sometimes blue with vertical lines. It also happened in 3DMark 6. I have no idea what to do now. I just want a fully functioning GPU. It shouldn't be crashing at stock clock speeds. Also, I've tried to flash the BIOS with ATIWinFlash but the problem still occurs.
What can I do to fix this problem? Also, I have a XFX 750W PSU and I don't think the crashing involves the power since I've been using it successfully before with the same PSU.
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  1. Nothing says you didn't damage the GPU via over temperature or over voltage when you had it overclocked. Every GPU is a little different.

    Monitor your temperatures, the extreme loads may have just popped the heat sink off of the GPU a little and taking it off and re-applying paste may solve the problem.

    If it is crashing at low-temperatures, then it is probably damaged.
  2. Does it also crash with benching programs other than 3DMark?

    Just to eliminate the OS might be worthwhile to try some benches in Linux via a thumb.
  3. Thanks for the replies. It only crashes at high temps. It has never reached over 85C on stock. Also, I haven't touched the voltages yet, just left it with stock voltages. I'm going to try Furmark now.
  4. Hello,
    I tried to run Furmark. It didn't crash at all but the temp started to exceed 90C so I quickly shut Furmark off to prevent damage. Anything I can do now?
  5. Should I just RMA the card?
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